Client Reviews

We hired AATS to remove two big trees in our yard. His crew is outstanding and very respectable. They cleaned up afterwards even tho we didnt need them to! Mike and his crew at AATS ARE AMAZING! we talked to 2 other tree company's, one was very rude, and the other wanted double what Mike had priced! We HIGHLY recommend AATS!! "Go Big Or Go Home" They got that big job done!!!


We hired All American Tree Service for a couple of trees we got a few estimates and although they were more than the other 2 estimates I felt Mike and his company All American Tree Service was the right company for the job and they did a amazing job I would strong recommend him and his company to any one that needed tree removal.

Blake M.

We hired All American Tree Service because we had a extremely difficult tree to remove and every other tree company said they would need a crane. Well, Mike and his crew came in and did the tree with no problem and no crane it was still expensive but they did a amazing job. Mike and his crew are top notch I would strongly recommend this company to any one that needed a professional tree service.

Jacob T.

This guy saved us we seriously just got in a tough situation and he took time out of his Thanksgiving day and saved us. The tree was litterly about to fall on my house and he came and to pull it away from my house with his truck. Please contact him if you want a trustworthy knowledgable person who is skilled at laying a tree down where it needs to be. Thanks again we greatly appreciate it.

Tanya A.

All American Tree Service is by far 1 of the 2 best tree companies I've ever worked for. You get treated with respect, honesty, and as long as you work hard, you get bonuses and incentives to stay there. I'm very happy to be part of this company. If anyone wants a professional service that can improve your views, the value of your land, dangerous removals, please contact Micheal Duffy @ All American Tree Service.

Jeremiah M.

I got Mike’s name from my neighbor and he showed up to look at the job when he said he would! It was a small tree job so he made immediate accommodations to knock it out that day. His guys were very professional hard workers and left the yard as they found it! All American Tree is also very supportive to military and public service and I appreciate that. Thanks Mike!!!

Dave S.

We had many trees next to our creek and some of them were leaning towards our house and we got many quotes to have them taken down but no one would commit to getting the job done. After months of trying I finally started calling around for more quotes and a family member gave us Michael’s number. I called Michael and within an hour or so he came by to survey the job and gave us a quote.

I was impressed by his prompt response and liked him immediately after talking to him and decided to have them do the job. Two days later Michael and his crew showed up and brought down the 5 most immediate trees that were leaning towards the house. They chipped up the limbs and left the tree sections that I asked to be left so we could use the wood. They blew the yard clean with leaf blowers after they finished and I thanked them and asked if they could take care of my remaining trees later in the year.

6 months later I called Michael to quote the remaining trees and a few hours later he came and gave me a quote. Again I tried to get multiple quotes but nobody would make the time. I called Michael and requested that they proceed to do the job. A couple of weeks later Michael called me and told me they would be here the next day to do the job. They came and took down 4 trees and chipped up the limbs but had a mechanical failure with their chipper machine so they left and showed up the next day having fixed their chipper machine and finished taking down 3 more trees and chipping up the limbs as well as a pile of brush we had from the winter and put all of the tree sections in a big pile on the edge of our property next to the creek out of the way. They also used the skid-steer to pile up all the ivy+vines that were all around the trees and were taking up a large section of yard next to the creek so that it would be more convenient for us to burn at a later date. Again they blew the yard clean after they were done and left everything tidied up and in piles like I had asked.

I highly recommend Michael and his crew. They communicate very well and do a great job and all of them are kind and patient. I will always refer to Michael and his crew for any tree cutting services and I suggest that others do as well. Thank you all so much!

Kenny R.

We had a tree problem so I had called a few other tree companies and well no call so someone at my work recommend All American Tree Service so I called Mike he came out that day and within 10 days he made it work and scheduled me in and wow what a job they did he was awesome he did exactly what he said he would and then he saw another problem and he went ahead and just took care of it wow. his team is amazing and the best part was he never charged me any more for the little extra he said it didn't take him 20 minutes so he will definitely be doing all of our tree work. I would strongly recommend Mike and his team.

Jack K.

Excellent company. Very good communication with Lynn in the office during the contract formation and scheduling processes. Fair price. We agreed they would do the work a couple weeks later. When I called during that period, they came out the next day. Mike and crew removed a dead tree in a tricky location with precision and efficiency. They also quickly removed and trimmed other trees in more favorable locations, all in conformance with POA standards. Mike is focused and passionate about the work.

David S.

Great company!! Mike is the best! I have had three different times that he has worked in my woods. He is very knowledgeable about the forest. His crew is really good about carefully pruning trees so that they do not grow together and choke each other out. We did have to fell some really large dead trees. They were able to do so without damaging anything else. The jobs were quite comprehensive, and I think he gave me a very fair price. His crew always cleans up any debris, and chips up or hauls away the large logs. No mess left behind. I highly recommend All American Tree Service.

Bernadette A.

We hired All American tree to take down eight trees and trim two trees away from our house. Three of the trees were obstructing a Mountain View.
Mike and his crew were extremely professional. They were very mindful of safety regarding our property and of each other. Every person was friendly and respectful. When they left you could hardly tell they were here. Everything was clean and there was no tree debris to be seen anywhere. We highly recommend Mike and his crew!! Not to mention his very reasonable and competitive price

Nancy H.

I can’t say thank you enough to All American Tree Service. We had a tree that is incredibly sentimental to our family (great grandmother planted) but was causing structural damage to our house and Mike and team were there for the job. They talked through the health of the tree, what our goals were, and offered expert advice to make make sure that we ended up with the perfect result.

Luke C.

Mike and the All American Tree Service crew did a wonderful job of removing and pruning trees around our condo-plex. They were all kind and courteous and completed the work efficiently and quickly. Cleanup left the area cleaner then when they started. The pricing was very reasonable compared to similar companies that had performed previous work and the quality of work was top notch. I will use them again when additional work is required.

James B.