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Tree Services and Mountain Views in Western North and South Carolina

For over 28 years, All American Tree Service has provided tree services for homes and businesses in North and South Carolina. As a full-service tree company, we can handle any size job from pruning to tree removal. We specialize in mountain views and use our cranes, equipment, and experience to provide quality work on every project.

We also provide emergency tree services for any storm damaged trees or old trees that may cause a hazard to you or your property. You save more money calling us out to remove a tree than to repair your property.

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Hazardous Tree Removal

Do you have trees that look like they are dying or are infested with insects? Call us right away and we will examine the trees to determine if they can be saved or need to be removed.

Mountain View Services

We specialize in hazardous tree removal in both valley and mountain settings. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly experienced professionals, we tackle challenging and dangerous tree removal projects, transforming landscapes and breathtaking vistas that were previously obstructed. Whether it's a towering tree in the valley or a perilous one on a mountain slope, All American Tree Services has the expertise and equipment to handle it.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damaged trees can injure people and cause damage to your property and vehicles. If you have any trees that are at risk of falling or have already fallen, our team can come out right away to remove the trees carefully and try to prevent any further damage during the removal process.


Different reasons exist for pruning tree limbs, all of which result in a healthier-looking and -functioning tree. Although trees grow naturally without being trimmed, pruning them helps them to reach their full potential and live longer. However, before you can learn how to trim a tree correctly, you must first understand why you should do it.

Stump Grinding

If a stump is pushing into a foundation, getting infested, or is in the way of a fence or new construction, we can get the stump grinded down or completely removed. Call All American Tree Service at 828-608-0133 (NC) and 864-991-7128 (SC) for emergency tree services or to schedule a consultation for a free estimate. We offer discounts for seniors, military, and first responders.

Stump Removal

Removing a stump involves digging a hole large enough to fit not only the stump but also the root ball and the root system. This method is more destructive to your garden, more hazardous, requires more expensive machinery, more crew members, and more time. Stump grinding solves these problems.

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For reliable and experienced tree services, call All American Tree Service at 828-608-0133 and 864-991-7128. We offer free estimates and discounts for seniors, military, and first responders.

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